4.10 For statement

for domain : statement

for domain : { statement $\dots$ statement }


domain is an indexing expression which specifies the subscript domain of the for statement. (The colon following the indexing expression may be omitted.)

statement is a statement which should be executed under control of the for statement;

statement, $\dots$, statement is a sequence of statements (enclosed in curly braces) which should be executed under control of the for statement.


Only the following statements are allowed within the for statement: check, display, printf, and another for.


for {(i,j) in E: i != j}
{  printf "flow from %s to %s is %g\n", i, j, x[i,j];
   check x[i,j] >= 0;
for {i in 1..n}
{  for {j in 1..n} printf " %s", if x[i,j] then "Q" else ".";
for {1..72} printf("*");

The for statement causes executing a statement or a sequence of statements specified as part of the for statement for every n-tuple in the domain set. Thus, statements within the for statement may refer to dummy indices introduced in the corresponding indexing expression.